SEO Audit Tools vs. SEO Specialists: Which is better for SEO Audits?

Did you know SEO audit tools only give you surface-level, generalized suggestions on how to improve your site? 🤔

If you want to dive deep into the SEO solutions that will ACTUALLY make a difference for your search rankings, it’s always better to consult an SEO expert! 🙌

But, how do you know if you’re getting a good SEO audit that will help guide effective SEO initiatives? 

You’ll want to ensure your SEO audit includes the following: 

Competitor Research

Where is your site positioned compared to your direct competitors for your target keyword? 

Keyword Research 

What are the keyword opportunities for your site? 


How well do search engines index your site? 

Technical & On-Page SEO Audit 

What technical issues are present on your site? (ex. broken links)

Links Audit 

Do you have quality links on your site? 

Content Audit 

Do you have “thin” or duplicate content on your site? 


Which SEO issues or suggestions should you address first? 

Although SEO audit tools may give you important data, an SEO expert can interpret that data to give you an SEO strategy tailored to your business!

At Konstruct, our SEO specialists are equipped with the latest and greatest SEO techniques and expertise to help our clients’ search rankings skyrocket! 🚀 




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