SEO-Friendly Page Title Checklist

Page titles may be the most important thing that digital marketers write for search engine optimization. Why? Page titles impact both content relevance and click-through rates! 

Not only do you have to write your page title to intrigue potential readers but you also have to satisfy the search engines so they rank your content higher on the results page.  

Here are 5 simple but useful page title best practices that we use to help our clients at Konstruct!

  1. Include exact target keyword. The closer to the beginning, the better!
  2. Limit length to 60 characters max. 51-60 characters is ideal
  3. Use power words to ignite emotional response when possible
  4. Use numbers when possible
  5. Use title case

Save this post for the next time you write a page title for your website or even better, contact us for our expert advice!

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