Optimize the Anchor Text on Internal Links

For #TipTuesday this week, we have a quick, actionable SEO tip for you! 👏

Internal linking has several benefits for SEO. When you create internal links, you’re essentially connecting the dots on a map 📍 that helps Google understand the structure of your website. 

This is pretty basic knowledge when it comes to SEO. However, what most people do not know is that optimizing the anchor text being linked 🔗 also plays a significant role. 

As a rule of thumb, 👍 only link to internal pages with the terms you want your content to rank for. 🥇 The anchor text in your internal link can be even more important than the content on that page! 

In an experiment, SEOs were able to get a page to rank in search results 🔍 where the keyword was not in the page content or meta title. The only reference to that keyword was the anchor link on another page!  😱 WHOA! 

Remember, internal linking is also used to establish a hierarchy 🏆 of content on your site. If you want a page to rank above the rest in search results for a certain topic, make sure you’re linking to it frequently! 

For all of your SEO related needs, Konstruct Digital is here to help. 👏

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