New YouTube Ad Features

YouTube is slowly becoming more like other social networks đź‘­ each and every day. 

First, they introduced YouTube stories for channels to share ephemeral content, 📲 now they’ve created ad formats that resemble ads that are commonly used on Facebook and Instagram. 🤔

The first new ad format will create a “shoppable” experience under a video. The ad will enable advertisers to add browsable product images 🛍️ under a video that will drive traffic to product pages. I wonder who else has done that recently? *cough* Facebook *cough*. 

The second new ad format is something that started with Facebook but was picked up by Google and used in search ad extensions as well. Advertisers will now be able to place a lead generation form âś… under videos too! This will help advertisers capture qualified leads with their ads without interrupting the viewing experience. 

We’re excited to see how these ads convert and look forward to the possibilities they will create for paid ad campaigns! 🙌 

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