New Pinterest Tools to Help Merchants Boost Sales

If that #FastFact ⬆️ doesn’t convince you to promote your eCommerce products on Pinterest, we don’t know what will! 

The number of Pinners engaging with shopping features across the Pinterest platform has exploded in 2020! 💥 With the launch of features like Pinterest Buyable Pins, Pinterest has really started to dominate the social commerce landscape. 

Recently, Pinterest dropped new tools to help merchants drive sales this holiday season (and beyond!): 

1️⃣ Updated merchant storefront profiles with the ability to organize products by category. (Pinterest says this creates a more engaging shopping experience!)

2️⃣ New recommended merchants section when Pinners search for shopping-related ideas

3️⃣ An improved product tagging tool that allows merchants to tag products in scene images/ lifestyle images 

4️⃣ New “collections” shopping ad format that allow merchants to create multi-image ad units

5️⃣ New automatic bidding for shopping allows advertisers to dynamically adjust an ad groups bid to aim for the maximum number of results 

Will you make use of any of these new tools to boost your holiday sales? Let us know in the comments! 




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