New Google Shopping Gift Guide Based on Search Trends

Did your products make the cut on any wish lists this holiday season? 🎁🎄

Google recently updated their Shopping Gift Guide (previously named ‘Shopping 100’) with the top 100 trending gifts for the 2020 holiday shopping season! Google used search trends to develop this list, so it provides some great insight into the terms and products people are currently searching for. 

While you’ve probably run out of time for any major changes to your holiday marketing strategy, it may still be valuable to see if any of your products made the cut. This could give you insight into which last-minute promotions you should run to target any straggling shoppers. 🛍️

It’s also a great reminder to take advantage of the FREE Google Shopping product listings. The Google Shopping Gift Guide connects people to all the Google Shopping product listings available for each product on the list. 

If you sell any products on Google’s list, this could be a great way to drive traffic to your website. 🙌




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