Facebook Dropped 4 New Facebook Page Updates

Hold onto your hats, social media managers! 🧢 Facebook just dropped a bunch of new Facebook page updates. 

We’re breaking down everything you need to know about the new updates and how they affect your job and business!

1️⃣ A new dedicated newsfeed separate from your personal feed 

You can now scroll through Facebook content relevant to your brand! Use this feature to comment and engage with posts. This will make your page more discoverable and potentially increase your following. 🙌

2️⃣ Easier account switching for admins

When using the Facebook mobile app, you can now click the hamburger menu icon to easily navigate between your personal profile and pages. Phew! 

3️⃣ Task-based admin controls 

You can now assign admin permissions based on specific tasks. For example – you can give your customer service team the ability to respond to comments and messages. 💬

4️⃣ The ‘Our Story’ section is getting the boot 

Move your ‘Our Story’ description to the ‘Additional Information’ section before it’s deleted on Feb. 28. It’s still important to keep this info to share your “why” and better connect with page visitors. 

That’s all for now! 👋 Make sure to give us a follow for more digital marketing news and updates. We love sharing all the latest and greatest tips, tricks, and insights with you! 




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