Welcome to Our New COVID-Friendly Office

Among the many ways that COVID-19 has affected our lives, it has certainly made a big impact on the way we work! We’re proud that the #KTeam was still able to successfully adapt and grow amidst all the craziness of 2020. 🙌

Part of adapting to a new COVID reality involved expanding our office space to make room for physical distancing (and some new hires!) The team is now spread out in two different office spaces with our 2nd office space now looking sharp and fully-functional 🤩

Creating our new office space required some very different considerations than it would have pre-COVID! Our amazing Office Manager, Naomi carefully measured our desks out to ensure they’re at least 6 feet apart and put physical distancing stickers on our floors as a reminder to keep our distance. We also think we must have broken some kind of record on the number of hand sanitizers you can fit in a room! Seriously… they’re everywhere!

How has your office adapted to COVID? 

(P.S. We know our 2nd floor office sign looks like a bad photoshop job but we swear it looks great in person! You’ll just have to trust us 😉.)




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