Meet Our New Content & Social Media Intern, Britt!

It’s true; we have another new ✨ Content & Social Media Intern! ✨ Welcome…Britt! 👏

Britt is our personal source of comic relief here at Konstruct. His strong communication skills shine through all of his content and his witty comments and hilarious content twists keep his audience wanting MORE. 🔥

Here are some fun facts about Britt: 

1️⃣ Britt is a stand-up comedian and often tests out his jokes on the content team before he hits the stage. 😂

2️⃣ He used to host a morning radio show in Edmonton (which explains his impeccable radio voice in our Instagram stories) 📻

3️⃣ One year, he went to the movies almost 100 times. If you need any movie references, Britt is your guy! 🎥

You may recognize Britt from our new weekly Instagram stories — Monday Pun-day. Every week, Britt shares a new digital marketing pun that is sure to give you a chuckle. Make sure you’re following Konstruct on Instagram so you don’t miss out! 🤣

Help us give Britt a warm welcome to the #KTeam in the comments below! 👇

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