LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Just last week, we talked about LinkedIn bringing “Stories” 📲 to the platform and how it was working to create a more B2C experience on a primarily B2B network. ⠀

They’ve taken this a step further with “Conversation Ads” 🗨️ being added as an extension to their message ads. ⠀

The interface for these ads is very similar to that of a Facebook messenger chatbot. 🤖 They enable advertisers to enter preset answers to common questions and create a chat flow. ⠀

This new ad format will help B2B businesses communicate 📢 with prospects similar to how B2C salespeople do with Facebook messenger ads.

These ads will enable advertisers to create full-funnel campaigns 🙌 with multiple, customized calls to action, such as product education, webinar signups, and even ebook downloads!⠀

We’re excited to see what can be done with these ads and how they will be able to drive stronger results 💪 for B2B marketing campaigns on LinkedIn.

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