#KTeam Feature: CJ Wesstrom

For this instalment of our weekly #KTeam features, we would like to introduce our incredible development lead – the master of code, CJ Wesstrom! 🙏⁣

CJ took the scenic route to his career as a web developer, 🖥️ with a brief stop as a social worker in his native Sweden before finding his true calling. ⁣

To see what CJ used to look like, look at the picture below! 👇 We can only assume this has something to do with why he moved to Canada many years ago!⁣

CJ forges digital solutions ⚒️ with the precision of a modern-day craftsman and fervently applies this skill to everything he touches. ⁣

Outside of work, CJ loves spending time with his dog, Myrtle, 🐶 and his family. CJ is an avid camper, traveller, and likes playing some video games here and there. 🎮⁣

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