Konstruct’s New Co-Workers!

Since the #KTeam started working remotely 💻 last week, we’ve got some new co-workers in our offices. ⁣
The funny thing about working from home is that every day becomes bring your kid / pet to work day! ⁣
Here are some of our new co-workers:⁣

Joel’s co-worker 🐶 keeps trying to crawl on to his lap while he’s working.⁣

Joey’s co-worker 🙀 says the Facebook Ads need a purrformance review.⁣

Amanda’s co-worker 👶 keeps slamming his hand down on the keyboard while yelling, “BOP!”⁣

CJ’s co-worker 🐶 likes to QA his work and yell at nothing.⁣

Max’s co-worker 😸 tries to help with IT every once in a while.⁣

Valerie’s co-worker 😹 is wondering where all of the coffee went!⁣

Matt’s co-worker 👶 seems to have a case of the Mondays! ⁣
We’re all adjusting to our new work environments and continuing to crush it 🙌 with client campaigns with the help of these new co-workers! ⁣
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