June 2019 Google Algorithm Update

On Monday, Google released a core search algorithm update (although what was actually updated is still being determined). Think of search algorithms as the criteria that search engines are looking for to determine how your website will rank in search results.

Every time they change the algorithm, a different set of criteria are considered for your site to rank well.

With that in mind, when an algorithm update takes place, it could mean you are no longer ranking as well for valuable search terms. This could mean less traffic, and fewer leads coming in to your business.

This is why SEO campaigns are ongoing and iterative. Any one-time SEO work may be effective for a short period of time, but as search algorithms change, they will quickly lose their effectiveness.

The moral of this story is: whenever you hear that Google has changed their search algorithm, make sure to check your search rankings! If your website is no longer ranking well, the SEO experts at Konstruct can help you.

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