Joe Exotic’s Illicit SEO Strategies

Tiger King and SEO. 🐯 What could those two things possibly have in common, you ask? Well… surprisingly enough to make a post about it! 

With the release of Tiger King 2, we wanted to throw it back and re-evaluate Joe Exotics’ questionable SEO tactics from the first season. 🐅

Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin, have a pretty turbulent past 😬. If you remember from season 1, Joe named his company “Big Cat Rescue Entertainment” in an attempt to appear in the search results for Carole’s “Big Cat Rescue”. 

Ultimately, Joe’s tactics caused him to outrank Carol on the SERP! Which, by the way, didn’t last long because Carol sued Joe over copyright violations (resulting in a $1 million settlement 🤣)!

The moral of the story is don’t be like Joe Exotic. Even if Carol hadn’t sued him, Google would have eventually caught on to his black hat SEO tactics and penalized his site 🎩!

If you’re feeling like Joe today and need help outranking your competitors, it might be wise to contact a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in white hat SEO! ☎️

At Konstruct, we can help you outrank your competitors…without the illicit tactics. Don’t pull a Joe; reach out today!

Let us know if you’re watching season 2 of Tiger King! 👇

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