Instagram’s Restrict Feature

Instagram released a new feature yesterday that enables you to shadow ban users that are leaving inappropriate, unwanted, or mean comments on your posts.
By swiping left on a comment and tapping the exclamation mark icon, you’ll be able to restrict a user. After doing this, only the user that posted the photo will be able to see the comments that restricted user is leaving on their posts.
Once restricted, a user will not be able to see if you are online or if you have read their messages either.

This is a part of Instagram’s initiatives to prevent online bullying from occurring on the app and make a better overall experience for it’s users.
We think it’s great that social media networks like Instagram and Facebook are making changes that will make things better for users on and off of social media.
Preventing online bullying, promoting better self-esteem and mental health by hiding likes, and introducing features to help users take a break from social will be a huge help in helping users disconnect when needed.

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