2 Showstopping Instagram and Facebook Advertising Updates

Hear-ye!📣 Hear-ye! 📣 If the world of social media is a stage, then all the brands and creators are merely players. 

Marketers may need to make some adjustments to their social media strategy scripts soon…

Both #Instagram and #Facebook are currently auditioning some new features that could play a leading role in social media advertising strategies.

1️⃣ Instagram is setting the stage for ads to make an appearance in their #tiktok clone, Reels. 

These ads would be the same length and look the same as usual Reels but would have a couple of new features.  

The new Reel ads can be liked, commented, saved and even shared. These ads could play a major role in marketers’ social media strategies (we can see some red carpet analytics coming in strong here ⭐️). 

2️⃣ Facebook is trying to stick in some more aesthetic advertising with their ‘Sticker Ads’ for FB stories. 

These stickers would allow brands to create fun product stickers and allow creators/influencers to monetize their Facebook Stories. 

As part of FB’s effort for more innovative ads, these stickers are designed to help influencers monetize more content while helping brands reach more audiences genuinely. 

So what does this mean? 🤔

It seems like #socialmediamarketers will have to read over the script and get ready to play with some new cast members! 

Brands and businesses will have more unique and creative ways to advertise themselves in a way that really highlights engagement between the user and the business. 

What do you think of all these new advertising opportunities? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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