Tidy up Your Instagram Captions with Line Breaks

When creating in-depth post captions 📝 on Instagram, many people try to add line breaks with their phone. Instagram has a tendency to squish your caption and remove the line breaks entirely. 🤦‍♂️⁣

Captions without line breaks can be hard to read 😐 and look unprofessional. For #TipTuesday this week, we have a tool and a strategy to help you keep your captions looking clean and organized! 👏⁣

Step 1) Draft the caption for your post in your 🗒️ notes app on your phone.⁣

Step 2) Copy the caption 📑 and navigate to: ⁣

Step 3) ⁣
Paste your caption into the tool. Click or Tap 👆 “Convert & Copy to Clipboard”, then open up Instagram again. ⁣

Step 4) Begin drafting your new Instagram post 📸 and paste your caption in. Boom! You now have a clean looking caption with line breaks.⁣

Consider going back and fixing old captions with this trick. Customers are looking 👀 at your social media presence more than ever and it is crucial to present yourself professionally.

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