If The Seinfeld Characters Worked at a Digital Marketing Agency

In honour of Seinfeld finally being on Netflix 🎉, we were thinking… what would the characters do if they worked at a Digital Marketing Agency? 🤔 

Jerry ➡️ Digital PR Specialist

As a stand-up comic 🎤, Jerry observes and clearly conveys information to groups of people, making him a perfect fit for the Digital PR Specialist role!

Kramer ➡️ Content and Social Media Specialist

Kramer may be kooky 🤪 but there’s no doubt he’s creative. He’s always cooking up some sort of scheme and convincing people that it’ll work – even if it’s a little crazy.

George ➡️ SEO Specialist

The lengths George goes to impress women are second only to how far an SEO Specialist will go to make sure your website is top of the SERP! And even if he quit, you know he’d come right back to work the next day like nothing happened.

Elaine ➡️ Digital Strategist

Like when she took a job from a man she met on the street, Elaine is down for anything, just like a Digital Strategist needs to be. She’s full of great ideas 💡 (muffin tops!) and communicates well so her clients get exactly what they’re looking for.

Newman ➡️ Developer

Hello, Newman 😠. He’s always full of surprises and his attention to detail while bothering Jerry matches the level Developers need to build an awesome website.

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