How to Handle a Negative Review

It sucks, but businesses receive a negative review from time to time! Its important to handle them professionally. Sometimes competitors or randoms that have never interacted with your business will leave a review that isn’t legitimate. Don’t add fuel to the fire with an angry response. Stay calm and follow these steps.

Step 1) Evaluate the Situation
Negative reviews aren’t the end of the world, almost every business has gotten one. This is the time to investigate! Are they a previous customer? If so, what did they buy? Which services did they use? Can you listen to a recorded call? Collect all of the facts you can about the situation.

Step 2) Respond to the Review
It’s important to nail this! Respond within 24 hours, keep your response brief, own up to it if you made a mistake, apologize even if it’s not your fault, and offer to fix the problem. Other customers looking at your reviews will appreciate you trying to make things right. It shows that you care!

Step 3) Is it Fake?
If you believe the review is fraudulent or fake, reply anyways. Reply in a similar manner to an existing customer, but state that you can’t seem to find them as a previous customer in your records. Offer to fix the situation and give them contact information.

Step 4) Flag it!
Once you’ve replied, flag the review or report it as fraudulent. It’s important to reply incase Google does not remove the review. If you want to escalate it in a case like this, contact Google support.

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