How to Choose Your Google Ads Keyword Match Type

Pro tip: Update your Google Ads keyword match type over time for best results! 💯

Say goodbye to debating between keyword match types👋. We’re here to make the decision a whole lot easier with these 5 simple steps! 

1️⃣ Start with the Broad Modified Match when creating a new adgroup. This match type offers an ideal balance between control and opportunity for the ads to show and gather data. 🔥

2️⃣ After some time, you can expand the keyword list with Phrase & Exact match keywords, depending on the ad performance.

3️⃣ Add the Broad Modified keyword as a Phrase or Exact keyword. 

5️⃣ Decide to keep or pause your Broad Modified keyword depending on performance and budget. You may choose to pause the Broad Modified altogether if it proved to be underperforming. 

Broad Modified Match keywords are usually cheaper, but Phrase and Exact Match keywords are more targeted and could deliver better results. (That’s why we recommend you get the best of both worlds!) 

Be sure to save this post for the next time you create a new Google Ads adgroup. 👍 

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