How to Beat The LinkedIn Algorithm

For #TipTuesday this week, we have a cool hack to help you outsmart 🤔 the LinkedIn algorithm and get more views on your content. ⁣

Many don’t know this, but the LinkedIn algorithm actually devalues posts with links! 🔗 The main goal is to trick LinkedIn into thinking your post doesn’t need a link preview. You can do this two ways: ⁣

👾 The “Link in Comment” Method: ⁣
Draft your post as you normally would. Instead of adding your link to the content, add a call-out in your caption 🗨️ saying “There’s a link to “XYZ” in the comments if you want to read more!” or something similar. Add a comment saying “Read more:” with your link and you’re done!⁣

👾 The “Write-Post-Edit” Method:⁣
This is similar to the previous method, but it actually enables you to have a link in your caption without being penalized. Draft your post as you normally would, leave space in your caption for the link, and post the update. Once it has been posted, edit the post and paste in your link. 🔗 Boom, a link in the caption, and no link preview!⁣

With both methods, it’s important to upload visuals 🖼️ to make your post visually engaging and to prevent LinkedIn from adding a post preview with the “Write-Post-Edit” method. ⁣

This will help you get some extra views on linked content and effectively beat the LinkedIn algorithm!

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