Google Finally Shares Why It Ranks Specific Search Results!

Have you ever wondered why Google ranks your competitors above you? 🤔 The answers you seek could be coming your way! 🙌 🙌

Introducing Google’s new “your search & this result” panel… ✨

Google now shares SOME of the reasons why it ranks specific search results for a given query.👇 This could be the secret sauce you need to optimize your pages and get ahead of the competition. 🤫

Here are some of the ranking factors that Google shares in this panel:

1️⃣ Search terms appearing in the search result

Let’s say the query is 👉”best restaurants in Calgary”👈. If the search result includes terms like “best”, “restaurants”, and “Calgary”, Google will share this info in the panel.

2️⃣ Related search terms appearing in the search result

These are search terms that Google considers to be related to the query. Using the example above, this could include terms like “pubs” or “diners”.

3️⃣ Whether other websites with the same search terms link to the result

Do other websites using the terms “best”, “restaurants”, and “Calgary” link to this search result? Google will let you know! 🔗

4️⃣ The language of the search result

If the query is in English, Google will likely prioritize English content. Simple as that! 👍

5️⃣ Whether the result is relevant to the location of the user

For the query, “Best restaurants in Calgary”, Google will likely prioritize content that is relevant to Calgary. If they do, they’ll let you know about it here!

Google is currently rolling out the “your search & this result panel” in the US, with plans to expand this feature to more countries soon. 🌎

What do you think about this new feature? Are you excited to check it out? Let us know in the comments!👇

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