Hide Your Hashtags on Instagram

Let’s face it, stuffing 30 hashtags into your Instagram post caption just looks tacky.

Thankfully, there’s a way to combat this and bring some clarity back to those witty captions that you have crafted!

Step 1) Open your Notepad on the mobile device that you use Instagram with.

Step 2) Add three periods with line breaks.

Step 3) Add the hashtags that you want to use in your post

Step 4) Copy all of the text in the note that you’ve created.

Step 5) Make the post on Instagram then paste the hashtags from the note on your phone into the comments on your Instagram post.

Boom! The hashtags are hidden from plain sight and your caption looks clean and professional. Note, you may want to leave a few brand-related hashtags in your caption. Check our ours as an example!

#KonstructDigita l#GrowYourBusiness #Instagram #Hashtags

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