Helpful Tips for Zoom Meetings!

We had a good chuckle at this meme. 😂⠀

Video conferences 💻 have definitely become the new normal these days. We have a couple of Zoom tips 💡 to help you out if you’re in a ton of video meetings right now!⠀

Let’s face it, we’re working from home, we’re probably looking a bit tired 😴 with everything going on in the world. Zoom actually has a setting to touch up your appearance! 🙌⠀

To do this: ⠀
Go to Settings > Video Settings > My Video > Then select “Touch up my appearance”. ✅ ⠀

Is the space behind you a total mess? 😱 Not to worry, if you have a modern computer, you can change the background behind you! ⠀

To do this: ⠀
Go to Settings > Account Settings > Click “Virtual Background” on the Meeting tab and select one of the virtual backgrounds. We’re pretty stoked on the ✨ outer space background. ⠀

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