Have You Optimized the Images on Your Website?

Have you optimized the images on your website?

If you’re not familiar with it, image optimization is the process of editing the image to have the right dimensions and resolution so that it looks great on different displays while retaining the smallest file size possible.

Why is this important? Image optimization reduces load times on your website. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, users will abandon your site. Additionally, faster load times have a direct relation to better search rankings.

Think about mobile users as well. They account for a large percentage of overall web traffic and they are usually on a slower internet connection. Image optimization plays a large role in making a site mobile friendly.

Step 1) Adjust the dimensions of your image. An image with larger dimensions will have a larger file size. To ensure your image isn’t too big, set the export dimensions to the appropriate size. As an example, if your site displays a staff headshot at 200px x 200px, uploading a 1000px x 1000px image will be unnecessarily large.

Step 2) Adjust the image quality. In most photo editors, you can adjust the image quality of the file you are going to export. This part of the process is subjective. Aim for the smallest file size possible while retaining the clarity of the image.

Step 3) Export your image using the right file type. Always export your image as a JPEG unless it has a transparent background. If it needs to be transparent, export it as a PNG. JPEG’s are able to attain a much better compression ratio than other file types while still retaining a good image quality.

Step 4) Consider using SVG’s
In some instances, using an SVG might be more appropriate (especially for logos). They tend to have a smaller file size, but they can be infinitely scaled to any size needed to adjust to different displays!

If you follow these tips, you should have no problem optimizing your images! Thanks for following along. As always, if you have trouble optimizing images or you need help with other website improvements, we would be happy to help.

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