Have You Checked Your Website on Different Browsers?

Have you checked your website on different browsers lately?

Even though the majority of the world is using Google Chrome as their main web browser, some people still use Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Remember, not all browsers are created equal. Because of this, its important to test them and ensure that everything is functional and displays the same way with all of the browsers that your customers are using.

Use Google analytics to determine which browser your audience is using. Different customer groups use different browsers. For example, if your main audience consists of B2B customers, they often use Internet Explorer than B2C customers.

If you want to give everything a quick test, simply load up your website on different web browsers to check it out. Keep a window open with Chrome or your regular web browser to compare.

Finally, if you want to run an in-depth test or don’t have access to other web browsers, tools like Browsershots make it easy to see how your website looks when viewed in another web browser.

Simply enter your URL, select the browsers you want to check, then review the screenshots that it creates. You’ll be able to see what your site looks like in various browsers and different versions of those same browsers.

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