Happy 10th Birthday, Instagram!

Can you believe Instagram has been around for 10 years!? Since 2010, Instagram has massively grown in popularity and now boasts roughly 1 billion active monthly users! 🎉

We expect Instagram’s popularity will only continue to grow in the years to come as they consistently roll out new features to lure in new users and keep existing users on their toes!

In celebration of Instagram’s 10th birthday, Instagram launched the following new features:

1️⃣ Instagram Shopping feature expanded to IGTV

2️⃣ An anti-bullying feature that will automatically hide comments that are similar to comments that have previously been reported 

3️⃣ A selection of Instagram app icons for users to choose from (including several classic icons for the nostalgic folk) 

4️⃣ A new private map and calendar of the stories you’ve shared over the last 3 years

Instagram is a social phenomenon that has changed the way many people live their lives and has also had a huge impact on the marketing landscape. With the right marketing strategy, businesses have successfully used Instagram to promote products and services, boost their brand, and increase sales! 

At Konstruct Digital, we find that businesses are most successful on Instagram if their products and services are visual, their customers are on Instagram, and they take advantage of the many features available to businesses on the platform! Give us a follow to stay in the loop with new feature launches and tips that could help your business grow on Instagram. 👍

We’re excited to see how Instagram will expand and adapt in the coming years! What new features would you want Instagram to launch to help your business grow? 




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