Google’s Change of Address Tool Makes a Comeback!

Have you been thinking about changing your domain name? Google has added the Change of Address tool to the new Google Search Console interface. It just got a lot easier to retain your search rankings when switching domain names again!

This tool makes it possible to tell Google that your website has moved to a new address. SEO’s are able to use this tool when moving a website from one domain to another or from one subdomain to another. This helps Google migrate your search results from your old domain, to the new one.

This tool took a bit of a hiatus. It was a part of the old Google Search Console Interface, but it was not added to the new interface when it was released. This tool is essential for SEO’s completing domain migrations. SEO’s had begun to speculate whether or not Google had killed it off because of the hiatus.

If you’re looking to change your domain name, Konstruct Digital can help you complete the migration to prevent lost search rankings and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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