Google’s URL2Video Turns Webpages Into Video Content

So, everyone is telling you that video content is great… Yeah, yeah, yeah – You get it! BUT creating video content can take a lot of time and money that many businesses just don’t have. If you’re sitting there nodding your head, this news story is for you!

Google is working on a new process called “URL2Video” that automatically converts webpages into short videos! 🤯

According to Google, the URL2Video pipeline analyzes webpage content, selects visually notable images and text, preserves their design styles, and organizes them into a video based on certain specifications provided by the user. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Input your Webpage

Step 2: Google’s URL2Video Extracts the Design

Step 3: Your URL2Video Creation is Ready!

Given that video content typically earns the highest engagement on social media, this could be a great tool to boost your engagement rates with minimal investment on your end.  👏

When Google makes the URL2Video process publicly available, you’ll have one less excuse to jump on the video content bandwagon! 

Are you as excited as us to give the URL2Video process a whirl when it’s officially launched!? We’re curious to see whether this will actually create meaningful video content or if these not-so-video videos will just drown out the effective video content that brands are already producing. 




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