Exciting New Google Search Updates!

Google just dropped a bunch of new updates to its core search engine! Here’s a quick lay-down of the improvements to keep you in the loop: 

1️⃣ Just in time for the holiday season, Google launched a new feature in Chrome and the Google App that allows users to long-tap on a product image to find related products. 👕

2️⃣ Google added several new AR features. These include the ability to get an AR view of new cars to see how they look in your driveway 🚘, and the ability to point at a local business in Google Maps when you’re using the AR walking directions to get more info about the business. If you’re a local business owner, make sure you keep your information up to date in Google My Business!

3️⃣ Google will now use a deep neural net with 680 million parameters to better understand the context of search queries 🤯. Basically, this means that users will receive more relevant search results, even when they make a spelling mistake. 

4️⃣ Google can now index parts of pages to direct users to specific paragraphs. This is a big win for those very specific, niche queries. 

5️⃣ With video content on the rise, Google now uses advanced computer and speech recognition 🤖 to understand the content in videos and tag key moments. This will improve Google’s ability to provide users with more relevant videos for their queries, especially when the content creator hasn’t tagged their own content. 

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