Google Ranking Factor Showdown: Core Web Vitals vs. Relevance

Core Web Vitals vs. Relevance 👊 Which Google ranking factor is most important for determining page ranking? 

SEO experts everywhere have been ringing the bells about a May 2021 Google algorithm update that will make page experience a ranking signal. Core Web Vitals have been announced to be a crucial aspect of page experience scores. 

So… how important are Core Web Vitals, really? 🤔

Well, they’re important BUT not as important as the relevance of your pages. 

Google explains that just because your page experience is good doesn’t mean you will jump to position #1 in May. 

For example, a page with barely any content or elements might have a good Core Web Vitals score because it’s responsive, loads quickly, and has no layout changes. 

However, Google recognizes that this page is not useful for users and will rank this page below pages with higher relevance. 

Basically, get your page relevance in order first and THEN worry about your Core Web Vitals so you don’t lose out to pages that score highly in both. 

Psst… stay tuned for our upcoming blog post where we’ll share everything you need to know about optimizing the Core Web Vitals on your site! 🤫




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