Avoid This Google My Business Mistake

Do your Google My Business posts keep getting rejected? This could be the reason! 👇

Google recently announced that phone numbers are not allowed in the content of your posts. ❌ 

Here are the Google approved methods for sharing your phone number WITHOUT dealing with rejected posts: 

✅ Add your phone number to your Google My Business Profile.

✅ Share your phone number on your website. 

✅ Attach a “Call Now” button to your post that uses your verified phone number. 

The “Add a button” feature for Google My Business posts is a great way to add a clear CTA to your content. A good CTA can really maximize the impact of your post, helping to generate sales, drive traffic to your site, and increase conversion rates. 

Here are some additional buttons you can add to your Google My Business posts: 

1️⃣ Book 

2️⃣ Order Online

3️⃣ Buy 

4️⃣ Learn More

5️⃣ Sign Up

Be sure to try these buttons out the next time you post on Google My Business! 👍

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