New Google Lawsuit Could Change Digital Marketing

Have you heard the news!? The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Google for anti-trust violations. It alleges that Google has maintained an online search monopoly through an abuse of power that is harmful to both the competition and consumers…

As many of us know, Google overwhelmingly dominates the search market. But, how did this happen? One of the reasons is that Google pays companies like Apple to provide Google as the default search engine on their devices. The Justice Department views this as an exclusionary practice that is harmful to the competition and innovation within the industry. 

So, what happens if the Justice Department succeeds? They want to impose structural changes that could potentially give other search engines like Microsoft’s Bing a fighting chance.

In the long term, this COULD mean that more search options will be available on mobile. Users might need to select their default search engine when setting up their devices, rather than having Google automatically set as the default browser. 

If the lawsuit is successful, this will also have a huge impact on SEM, SEO, and digital marketing in general! Most digital marketers focus almost exclusively on Google search rankings because Google currently controls about 90% of global web searches. If a greater number of people were to start using different search engines, many businesses and digital marketing agencies would need to adapt their SEO strategies.

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