Google Had Thousands of Search Updates in 2020

Google announced that in 2020, they ran around 600,000 experiments! 😲 But how many search updates did they make? 




The answer: 4500 updates! 🀯

Google is constantly updating its search systems in order to keep results relevant and useful for users. 

But, how is your business supposed to keep up with all of these new updates?! (Read until the end to find out!)

Google recently refreshed their “How Search Works” website, which dives into the ins and outs of Google Search. If you’d like to learn more, you can check it out here.πŸ‘‰

However, this website only gives you a peek into how Google’s ranking systems organize billions of pages and other content on the web. πŸ‘€That’s why, if you don’t already have an SEO Specialist on your team, let this be your sign to get one! πŸ‘

Having an SEO Specialist will help your business stay on top of all of the search updates that can affect your search rankings or search visibility. πŸ‘€

At Konstruct, our SEO team constantly analyzes search trends and upcoming updates to see which ones will impact our clients’ businesses the most so we can update their strategies accordingly. 

Contact us today if you need help from an SEO expert! πŸ“ž

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