Google Explains How They Generate Page Titles

Has Google altered your title tags ⁉️

If you watched our latest Digital Marketing News Recap, you would have heard about this new update, but if you haven’t – that’s alright! We’re diving deep into this new update in today’s social post: 

Google has been altering title tags, using internal links and other relevant text from pages without informing site owners. 🤭

The update is designed to “produce more readable and accessible titles,” but this hasn’t always been the case…

Here are 5️⃣ ways that we have seen Google change page titles: 

👉 Cutting titles in half and adding an ellipsis to shorten them

👉 Removing information that Google feels is irrelevant 

👉 Re-wording titles that used keyword stuffing 

👉 Adding business names at the beginning or end of titles

👉 Lengthening short titles 

Although this update has the potential to increase the relevancy of page titles, some people are noticing that their click-through rates are dropping up to 37%… 😳 

If you’re curious to see how Google is rewriting your titles, you can try using the SEOWL title rewrite checker tool:

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