Google Expands Free Product Listings Worldwide

The holidays are coming and so is the busiest eCommerce time of the year! Luckily for Google Merchants, Google has decided to come bearing an early holiday gift🎁 … Free product listings in the Google Shopping tab will soon be available worldwide!

Most users of the Google Merchant Center or Google Shopping ads have already opted into the ‘surface across Google’ program. This means you’ll be eligible to run free ads once they become available in your country! 

If not, make sure you follow these steps so you don’t miss out!

1️⃣ Set up your Merchant Center account

2️⃣ Opt-in to the ‘surfaces across Google’ program 

3️⃣ Upload your product feed or manually upload your products

A free Google Shopping listing includes many of the same elements as a paid Shopping ad (image, product title, price, etc.). It won’t cost you a dime but they’ll be displayed below paid results in the Google Shopping tab. 

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your free product ads: 

✅ Use specific and accurate product titles

✅ Use a keyword tool such as the Google Keyword Planner to guide the wording of your product titles 

✅ Use lifestyle images (ie. A person wearing your product) when possible. 

✅ Avoid using promotional text in the images 

With COVID-19, many of your customers may be uneasy about heading to the mall for their holiday shopping this year. These free product listings could be a great way to get your product in front of online shoppers this holiday season! 




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