New Google Core Update is a Rollercoaster for Search Rankings!

Have you noticed your Google search rankings skyrocket up, up, up📈 or plummet down, down, down📉? Hang onto your hats! A new Google core update rollercoaster has taken off! 🎢

The Google Broad Core Algorithm update was announced last Thursday and should take 1-2 weeks to roll out fully. As always, we’re in for a ride! 

Typically, Google does not share details on how these updates affect their search algorithm. Unfortunately, this update is no different! 

Here’s what we do know if your rankings tanked after the update: 

1️⃣ Google constantly strives to provide more relevant, authoritative content to searchers. Take a look at the pages that outrank you. Do they include any pertinent information that you’ve missed? 

2️⃣ Google tends to favour content that is original and insightful. Try and include relevant information that your competitors may have missed. 

3️⃣ The presentation of your content also plays a role in your search rankings. Check for things like spelling errors, stylistic issues, and mobile display problems. 

At Konstruct Digital, we stay on top of search algorithm updates to help our clients achieve the best search rankings possible. 👍




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