Google Announces Shoelace

Shoelace is an upcoming social media app from Google with a strong focus on connecting people with shared interested locally, rather than globally. The app is currently being tested in New York City and is available on an invite-only basis. Based on the results of this initial testing, Google is planning on expanding the app to additional cities soon.

On the app, users can create a profile to share information about themselves and they have the ability to create “Loops”. The Loops that users create are essentially event listings that users can join with the goal of making new friends or meeting people near them with similar interests.

With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being criticized for the amount of time people are spending on the apps and how they can negatively impact people’s lives, it’s refreshing to see a social network that is focused on getting you to spend more time off of your phone enjoying your favourite things.

Will this new focus be able to find success where Google+ couldn’t? Only time will tell, but it’s enough to get us excited!

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