Google Ads is Saying Goodbye to Broad Match Modified Keywords

Google Ads is saying “bye, Felicia πŸ‘‹” to Broad Match Modified (BMM) keywords! Here’s what you need to know to keep your campaigns in check. 

Phrase match will now expand to cover BMM traffic. Google explains it will still “continue to respect word order when it’s important to meaning.” 

Basically, Google says you’ll get the best worlds! The terms that must be present from BMM and the word order from phrase match.

The good news: 

These improvements will allow you to use only phrase match to reach the searches you want, without worrying about the searches you don’t. πŸ‘

The great news: 

This transition should allow brands to spend less time on account management and managing specific keywords πŸ™Œ

Although you can continue to add BMM keywords until July, they will be more restrictive and are likely to see lower volumes. 

Here’s what we recommend: 

1️⃣ Start to shift your existing BMM keywords to Phrase

2️⃣ Create any new campaigns/ adgroups with Phrase instead of BMM

Have any questions about this transition? Leave them in the comments below or check out Google’s announcement.

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