Featured Snippets De-Duplicated

Google made some changes to how search results are displayed that shook the SEO world last week. 😱📊⁣

The “Featured Snippet” 🔲 in search results is the box of information that is displayed in search results to give quick answers to a user’s question. 👍 ⁣

The snippet usually features an excerpt of page content that gives the user a preview of what they can expect to see on that page. Given that it’s a large feature, it’s a desirable position to have in search results. 🙌⁣

In the SEO world, we call the featured snippet “Position 0” as it is more valuable to earn than the first spot in search results. 💸📉⁣

Before this update, pages that had earned a featured snippet also appeared on the first page of search results. 1️⃣ With the latest update, search results with a featured snippet may only appear on the top of second-page search results or lower. 😐⁣

Google claims this was done to “declutter” search results for users and provide a better search experience. 🤓⁣

This could be frustrating for some marketers and business owners. Reports that used to show ranking #1-10 for search terms may be affected and appear as position #11 or lower until reporting platforms adjust to compensate for the changes. 😬⁣

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