Facebook’s Newsfeed Ads are Changing

In a recent announcement, Facebook revealed that they are going to be changing the display size of News Feed ads for mobile devices.

The ads are currently using a 2:3 ratio and up to seven lines of primary text before a “Read more” prompt is given.

As of August 19th, the ads will now use a 4:5 ratio and only three lines of primary text will be displayed before a “Read more” prompt is displayed.

Susan Wenograd, VP of marketing strategy at Facebook says that this is part of Facebook’s effort to do some “housekeeping” and create a more consistent mobile experience for its users.

For marketers, businesses and anyone advertising on Facebook, this creates several challenges. The new ad creative dimensions mean that current ad creative may need to be altered, and the new display size may not be optimal for some types of video content.

If you are currently running Facebook News Feed ads, we highly recommend that you double-check the ads on or after August 19th to ensure they are still appearing the way you want them to be!

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