Facebook Tests Hiding Likes

Facebook is shaking things up again! You may recall, a few months ago, it’s sister platform, Instagram began to test hiding the like count in Canada and other select countries to see the impact it would have on users.

For some users, not getting enough likes on a post can significantly impact their self-esteem and mental health. Likes have been referred to as an “approval metric” in the past and they play a role in how people feel about themselves and what they’re posting. If one user’s post doesn’t get as many likes as another’s, they may negatively compare themselves to someone else.

To combat this, Facebook is hiding the post like count in Australia just like they did on Instagram. They’ve made it so that only the user that posted the content can see the number of likes they’ve received.

Facebook wants users to focus on the photos, videos and other content that users are sharing, not the number of likes that particular post has received.

As social marketers, we think this is a positive shift for social media networks to make. Anything that can be done to make a better experience for users of social media is a good thing. For businesses, likes should not be your north star metric for social campaigns anyways. There are better indicators of post performance and ROI! We are excited to see how this will change the shape of the social marketing landscape for the better.

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