Facebook Testing Mid-Roll In-Stream Video Ads

Have you ever been watching a YouTube video 🖥️ and had an ad to pop up half-way through? 

If so, you know the frustration! 🙇 It seems like just as the video you were watching was getting good, it is interrupted by an infuriating ad. 

Well, the same ad format could be coming to Facebook now too, unfortunately. 🙈 Dang! 

Facebook has begun testing some skippable mid-roll ads in the middle of longer Facebook videos. This enables advertisers to display their video advertisements 💻 in the middle of long-form video content.

Users will get the same treatment as those watching mid-roll ads on YouTube. People will be either counting down the five seconds ⏱️ to freedom in order to skip the ad, or those that take an interest in the ad may actually watch the whole thing! 

Mid-roll videos 🎬 of 10 to 15 seconds will be eligible for the test, including existing ads, and all objectives and optimizations currently available for in-stream placements are supported. 

It will be interesting to see if these ads are able to break through and grab a user’s attention or if they will simply annoy Facebook users. 🤔 With increasing watch times for Facebook video content, they could prove to be a valuable way to advertise when targeted correctly. Only time will tell! 

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