Facebook Updated Their Organic Post Testing Tool

Do you ever wonder if maybe, just MAYBE your Facebook post would’ve done better in an alternate universe? 💭

Maybe if your title was a little different? Or perhaps IF you used another image, would it have made all the difference? 😭

Well, good news for you… 😉

Facebook has been AMPING up their current Organic Post Testing tool to really help YOU reach for the stars…⭐

They are launching additional test features which allow you to test different variations of organic posts, ultimately helping you decide which version is best suited for YOUR audience. 🙌

Facebook post-testing features include:

1️⃣ The ability to test different post formats such as text, link and image posts!

2️⃣ The ability to select a key metric to measure – whether your end goal is more comments, shares, reactions, link clicks or people reached… test away!

Being able to see how your post performs based on REAL responses can help you formulate a strategy that is by no means “just winging it”. 💯

So go ahead, see how your sample audience reacts to your post variants (custom to your goals) and make an informed decision on which post to publish. 😍

What are your thoughts on Facebook enhancing its post-testing features? Comment down below 👇🏼

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