How to use Facebook Groups for your Business

Let’s face it: organic reach on Facebook Business Pages… kinda sucks sometimes. So, what’s the next move for your Facebook marketing strategy? Facebook Groups can be an awesome way for your business to either engage in two-way communication with your customers or to reach highly engaged audiences with interests relevant to your brand! ✅

The following are two ways your business could get a leg up on the competition with Facebook Groups: 

1️⃣ Create a branded Group

Several brands have been killing it with the use of Facebook Groups. Take Instant Pot for example. Their Facebook page has 297K likes while their Facebook Group is crushing it with a whopping 2.8 million members! People use the Instant Pot Group to share Instant Pot recipes and tips & tricks. Through Facebook Groups, Instant Pot has created a global community tied to their brand and product. 

2️⃣ Take advantage of Facebook’s new group promotions in the Brand Collabs Manager tool

In the Facebook Brand Collabs Manager, you can now find potential partnership opportunities with relevant public groups! For example, Let’s say your business sells all-natural dog food. You would benefit from partnering with the Pet Health Advice Facebook Group to post sponsored content on the page. By clicking on a group listing, you’ll be able to see more insights into group engagement, demographics, previous brand partners and more to decide if the group is the right fit for your brand. 

So, what do you think? Will you dive in and add Facebook Groups to your marketing strategy? 🤔




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