What Size Should Your Content on Facebook be?

Have you ever posted something on your Facebook page and noticed that it had been cropped or it didn’t look quite right?

That’s because Facebook has defined display sizes for different types of content. We’ve created a handy guide to keep your page looking top-notch!

1) Cover photos: The cover photo display size is 1640 px x 720 px. However, there is a bit of a safety margin to keep in mind when uploading a cover photo. The image will be cropped by roughly 50 px on either side and 25px top and bottom when viewed on mobile devices.

2) Profile photos: These are cropped into a circle. Display size is 172px x 172 px. Upload in 344 px 344 px for the best results!

4) Cover Videos: Facebook cover videos can be anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds long. They also need to measure at least 820 px by 312 px. A good rule of thumb is to render in 720p to get an output of 1280 x 720!

5) Posts: In order for images to scale correctly in the Facebook feed, photos should always be 500 px wide. The height of the photo can range anywhere from 200 px tall to 750 px tall. This ensures that your content will look great in the feed and scale properly for mobile devices and desktop computers.

6) Videos: Facebook is fairly flexible when it comes to video dimensions. If you’re rendering a video you’ve created, your best bet is to render it in 720p or 1080p in an H.264 codec and optimize for web hosting or mobile devices for the best results.

That’s a wrap! If you follow these guidelines when you’re creating content for your Facebook page, you should be all set. It’s time to take that social marketing campaign to the next level!

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