Facebook Brand Safety Controls

Facebook has recognized that some advertisers may want more manual control on what kind of content their ads appear alongside.

Because of this, they have created brand safety controls for advertisers to control placements for instant articles, in-stream content, and their audience network.

Advertisers will be able to create block-lists, get delivery reports, and set an account-level inventory filter, rather than applying it one campaign at a time. There will also be improved delivery reports that allows the advertiser to search by account ID or publisher without having to download it.

No two businesses are alike! You may have reasons as to why you wouldn’t want your ads to appear with certain kinds of content. For example, General Motors may not want their ads to appear alongside a Ford article or vice versa!

Facebook has acknowledged this and is committed to creating a “quality ecosystem” for advertisers, publishers, and the people that use Facebook. For all of your social media marketing and PPC related needs, Konstruct Digital is here to help!

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