Facebook Ads Tip: The “Engaged Shoppers” Purchase Behaviour

Here’s an awesome quick tip for eCommerce brands and those of you selling things with Facebook Ads! 🔥⁣

Facebook has the option to target “Engaged Shoppers” 🛍️ as a purchase behaviour. If you narrow your audience with the “Engaged Shoppers” behaviour, you will target people that are known to purchase products from Facebook that are likely to do it again. ⁣

We have seen a number of different studies where brands were able to increase the number of conversions 💵 by doing this! ⁣

The only catch is that it can often increase your CPM’s as Facebook knows that this will have a significant impact on the bottom line 🤑 of eCommerce brands. ⁣

Like any Facebook ad campaign, it’s still important to have a good relevancy score, to target the right audiences, test elements like copy and creative, and optimize the ads. 💯⁣

For all of your Facebook advertising needs, Konstruct is here to help! 👍⁣

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