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Content is king when it comes to SEO. Keywords within your content help search engines determine what your site should be ranking for in search results. It’s part of how they help users find the information they’re looking for.

Is your website light on content? Studies show that 91% of pages that are ranking on the top three positions in Google search results have at least 1000 words of quality, keyword-optimized content. If your website content is lacking content quality and quantity, it could be preventing you from ranking as well as you could be!

So, how can you expand your content? You won’t be able to expand your content overnight. You’re going to need to do some keyword research and follow some SEO content creation best practices to pull it off!

You want quantity and quality when creating content. Even though you want to expand your content, you can’t just write filler content and expect it to rank well. Make sure you’re providing factual information to web users. We have a few tips for you to expand pages that could be light on content.

Does your business have a services page? Try splitting up each service you provide into a single page. After that, do some research on the search terms people would be using when looking for that particular service. Incorporate those keywords in your copy and follow a good page structure.

Do you have product pages on your website? Many product pages use bullet points to list product attributes. Try writing a few paragraphs of content about the products attributes and the benefits they provide. Once again, do some keyword research on what your customers would be searching for when trying to buy your products and use a good page structure.

There you have it! We find that many small business websites are light on content and could benefit from strategically expanding their content. This is a great way to start expanding your content and working towards earning better search rankings. We hope you found this valuable!

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