Optimize Your Content for LinkedIn’s “Dwell Time” Metric

For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to go over how to optimize your content for LinkedIn’s “Dwell Time” ⏳ metric.⁣

Last week, LinkedIn’s engineers published an overview about how “Dwell Time” 📈 for posted content is being factored into its feed algorithm. You can read the full report here:⁣

Dwell Time looks at 2️⃣ things: ⁣
A) The amount of time spent looking 👓 at something in the news feed. The ticker starts when half of your update is visible and stops when the user scrolls away. ⁣

B) The time spent viewing content after a user has clicked 🖱️ on a link you’ve posted. Again, this stops when the user returns to LinkedIn or exits.

To optimize your content for dwell time, entice users to look at your content for as long as possible and get them to engage with your content. 🤔 This means you will need to include enticing headlines, good copy, and great visuals. You want them to keep reading and click that link!⁣

Although this seems like common sense, if your content is skipped too much, it will get pushed out 🙅 of the LinkedIn news feed.⁣

Do not space out your posts to accomplish this. LinkedIn is looking to combat “Broetry” 📝 or posts that are spaced out, truncated, and require a click to read the whole post. Users found trying to game the system with this will have their engagement throttled. ⁣

That’s all for now! We are geeks 🤓 when it comes to the LinkedIn algorithm. We pay attention to updates like this to ensure we’re delivering game-changing results for our clients.⁣

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